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Week 2: “Seeing Potential” Part 2

Week 2:  “Seeing Potential”  Part 2

It was 1:00 when Janet arrived at the church and rang the bell.  Sara the church secretary yelled to the Pastor’s study “Janet is here Pastor”.   Tim rose from his desk and started walking through the Sara’s office to greet Janet at the door.  He knew Sara would welcome her but would be annoyed.  Sara felt it her duty to protect the pastor from scams.  Janet wasn’t a bad person but Sara received hundreds of calls like Janet’s over the years.   Sara was doing her job of keeping Pastor Tim focused and protecting him.

“Come on in Janet” said Pastor Tim.  They stepped into his office.  Tim left the door cracked open to Sara’s office because safe church policy dictated she need to be a witness in case allegation might be made.   Sara was part of the ring of confidentiality.  How Pastor Tim hated that society had become so hyper-sensitive but it was part of ministry in the new age.

“How are you today Janet?” asked Pastor Tim.  “Like I said on the phone earlier the land-lord needs $800 or I’ll be evicted.”  This was the part of the job Pastor Tim hated.  He knew Janet needed help.  He knew what the scriptures say about helping others……”And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two. Give to him who asks you, and from him who wants to borrow from you do not turn away.”  (Matthew 5:41-42).  He knew that the church could not keep supporting every person who needed assistance and yet Christ was calling him to go the extra mile with Janet in her situation.

“Janet, the church doesn’t have the funds to help you every month.”  He was direct and honest with her.  He could not help her financially but believed in his heart God required him to help her spiritually.    “Janet, I asked you to come here because there are other ways I think I can help you.”

To be continued…….

Prayer:  Lord, you call us to be faithful to you in all things.  Not every request can be granted.  Yet even when we hear a no your grace is still offered.  Help us to know when to say no and then go the extra mile in extending grace to those who ask.  Amen.



Mentoring 101 Small Group, Wed. 6-7 PM, Jan. 7- 28


The great commission Jesus gave to his disciples is to go and make disciples.  In a modern way Jesus says go and pick someone to mentor.  But Jesus is also saying to those who seek to be disciples, go and find someone to mentor you.  Mentoring and being mentored is a rich rewarding experience when it is done well.  I personally have been blessed by wonderful mentors and mentees.  Join the discussion on Wednesday nights from 6-7 pm in the Parlor as we look at John Maxwell’s book “Mentoring 101″.  Participants are encouraged to purchase book or e-book on their own.  Book is not required for the group but is highly recommended.  Contact the church office at 508 543-5678 if you plan to attend.   We have 14 people signed up to date.  We will limit the class to 16 and offer additional dates to anyone else interested.


Pastor Derek

Mentoring 101 Book





Little Footsteps Preschool Enrolling for Fall 2015

Little Footsteps Preschool, a ministry of Bethany, is beginning enrollment this month for our fall classes.  Enrollment for the public begins on January 23rd.  We have half day classes for children ages 2.9 -5 years old.  Contact our director, Nancy Kaeser, at to schedule a tour, or visit our website at



BYG! Bethany Youth Group: Winter 2015 Fridge Flyer


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Bethany Christmas pageant 2014

Christmas Pageant 2014

In case anyone didn’t get to see it or would like to see it again, our friends at Foxboro Cable Access have posted the 2014 Christmas Pageant