Making Sense of the Bible

Join us at Bev and Tom Crocker’s Home, 7 Fairway Lane Foxboro for an adult Christian Education study facilitated by Deb Byron Rev. Adam Hamilton, a United Methodist pastor, invites us into an honest conversation about the Bible, beginning with foundational questions such as How and when was the Bible written? Who decided what made […]

Healthy Eating Workshop

Mark your calendar for Sunday, November 5 at 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm when we will be holding a one night, Healthy Holiday Workshop: Eat This, Not That! Healthy Alternatives to your Holiday Favorites. Not only will we sample some delicious plant-based remakes of your favorite holiday foods, we will also discuss strategies to get […]

Understanding Worship

What is worship? What does it really mean? Was worship more authentic for you last year, or was it better a century ago, or when the early church met in homes, or do you care? What are the essentials for a “complete” worship experience? Why is there a sermon? Has organ music always been sacred? […]