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Understanding Worship

What is worship? What does it really mean? Was worship more authentic for you last year, or was it better a century ago, or when the early church met in homes, or do you care? What are the essentials for a “complete” worship experience? Why is there a sermon? Has organ music always been sacred? How do worship leaders please a congregation that grew up wildly different expectations for what a “good” church service is? Is worship better when we observe certain proscribed traditional quote styles unquote or when attempting to be contemporary? How sensory is worship for you?

David and Bernie are charged by you each Sunday to collaborate in the creation of a worship service that seeks to create a divine moment in our week. What is it that guides us as we work together to achieve that remarkable goal.

Join us next Sunday, September 17th after worship in the parlor to explore with us why we make the choices we do as together we talk about WORSHIP.