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Lifelong Christian Education at Bethany What Do I Believe…Today?

When Bethany Church voted to become OnA, theologically speaking it took a turn to the left, Evangelical churches do not celebrate same-sex marriage. Progressive congregations do. So, what kind of churches do? What do they believe? How do they read he Bible? What is their understanding of discipleship to Christ? How do they talk about faithful discipleship to Christ?

We have prepared a series of four classes where we can together unpack, discuss and reflect on what you believe and how that may be different or the same as the what you may have believed when first confirmed as a kid. We will be meeting on the last Wednesday between January and May to examine together four topics: Hermeneutics, Soteriology, Ecclesiology, Public Discipleship and Meditation.

The first is Hermeneutics meeting on January 28th at 7:30pm in Room 303 in the Family Life Wing.

Hermeneutics is an essential tool for creating a path to understanding the Bible. It is the art and science of interpreting the scriptures. Apart from employing the tools of hermeneutics, women wouldn’t be permitted to speak in church. Their heads would be covered. Lobster dinner would be unthinkable. So, apart from simply cherry picking your way through the Bible, is there a better way to think about coming to the scriptures that takes the Bible seriously but not literally.

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