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Bethany Church’s Peace Pole Project

A Peace Pole is an internationally recognized symbol of the hopes and dreams of the entire human family, standing vigil in silent prayer for peace on earth. Each Peace Pole bears the message 

May Peace Prevail on Earth in different languages on each of its four or six sides. There are estimated over 250,000 Peace Poles in every country in the world dedicated as monuments to peace. They remind us to think, speak and act in the spirit of peace and harmony.  They stand as a silent visual for peace to prevail on earth.

Throughout the month of May, all ages will be invited to contribute toward creating and planting of a Peace Pole here at Bethany Church.

On May 15th and 22nd, children and youth are invited to join Dr. Elizabeth following the Message for All of God’s Children to explore “peace” through story, craft and song!

Our goal is to bless our Peace Pole on Pentecost Sunday, June 5th during an outdoor worship service.

Visit Us on Founder’s Day, June 11, 2022

With the return of Founder’s Day this year on June 11th, Bethany Church has the opportunity to take over the Strawberry Shortcake Concession.  We’re looking forward to continuing one of the town’s favorite treats at Founder’s Day as we look to build fellowship, connect with the community, and spread the word about Bethany Church.