About Us

Here at Bethany Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, we have found that merely believing things about Jesus, or relating to Jesus as an other-worldly conqueror or judge, takes away the key tool that we need to truly connect with this figure. Jesus, long before he was called Lord and Savior, was called rabbi, or master teacher.  And what he taught is concerned with the spiritual transformation of the whole human being, and of human beings in society.

We are spiritually transformed from egocentricity, from judgment, exclusiveness and violence, into people characterized by a spirit of love, compassion, and understanding.  From suppressed, repressed, and oppressed, clones of societal norms, to beings of great magnificence, beings who remember who they really are, and what they are here on earth to do. When we begin this transformation, we’re fit to be a part of what Jesus called the “Kingdom of God,” a realm of justice, compassion, and peace here on earth. We are in effect – “born anew”.

Jesus is not interested in who wins the big game, who writes up the big sale, whose church is the fullest. Jesus is calling us to look beyond the surface differences and see with new eyes. This Gospel perspective, is an invitation to live NOW in harmony with the God who created us, Christ who redeemed us and the Holy Spirit who sustains us.

Part of what makes our affiliation with the United Church of Christ special is the way we organize ourselves for doing the work of people following the way of Jesus. While some churches have bishops and district superintendents and conventions and local clergy who tend to enforce uniformity from the top down, BCC is a bottom-up organization. We use what’s called “congregational polity,” meaning that our own members make every decision in the life of the church.

Come and see how it all fits together.